206 Carroll St.   .  Random Lake, WI 53075  .   
920-744-5086 or  ginamaries04@gmail.com

Gina Marie's is back for burger night May 14th! 4p-9p we will be cooking our famous burgers and heating up the deep fryer with mozz sticks, onion rings, fries, chicken strips, pizza rolls and taquitos.  If you want to pre order send us an email with the email provided, call 1-920-744-5086 or find us on Facebook and send us a message! This only happens once every so often so come support Gina Marie's in making this a successful night! 
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Catering Menu

Menu Prices: 

Burger/Cheeseburger            $4.00
1/4 pound Hot Dogs              $3.00

Fries                                    $3.00
Onion Rings                         $3.00
Chicken Strips                      $4.00
Taquitos                               $3.00
Mozzarella Sticks                 $4.00
Pizza Roll ups                      $3.00
Add Bacon (who can say no to bacon??!!!)  $1.00

All condiments free; ketchup, mustard,pickles, onions,mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and relish.
Also free; sour cream, marinara and ranch with the appropriate side.